Learning ROBOTICS by integrating Electronics, Mechanics & Computer Coding. These thoughtfully designed courses & workshops help children & youth understand the synergy and mechanisms in detail. They also enable them to innovate, automate  & develop new solutions to existing problems that can be showcased at various National / International Science Fairs & Competitions.

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Rashmi Desai

“ON MY OWN TECHNOLOGY is an institute where my son has never missed a single class. The enthusiasm with which he looks forward to the class satisfies me that he is learning and is in the right place”

Chetan Bharde

““I really like your approach of switching over to self-made vs ready-made for this generation. I can’t think of anything better than a practical approach to science””

Ekta Gala

“Today with finger touch technology and iPad and laptops, kids have stopped thinking. Your course has helped my son to start making his own gadgets. He has become so interested in electronics that everywhere he sees thin[...]

Bhautik Patel

“We have not heard of any such classes in Mumbai that actually make children learn & create their own technology”


“Thanks much for the super class for Aniruddha. He had a thoroughly exciting and fulfilling time. Thanks for taking his learning ahead “


“My son came down to India for a month – couldn’t have had a better course for him”


““Your course has been big eyeopener for my daughter who plans to persue engineering and has given her a very good insight into understanding how she should approach today's changing education scenarios”” [...]